[Sewing] hatmaking!

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Thu Aug 12 20:16:34 UTC 2010

Hallo peeps I've just started a dedicated hatmaking mailing list in the
noisebridge.net domain as I suspect there is enough interest to support
it (if not, it will die, no problem).  I subscribed a couple people
already.  Join up here:


Relatedly, Rebecca and I have decided to Make Felt Hats at the next SCoW
but one, Wed Aug 25.  Specifically, top hats!  We each already have a
hat blank to start from.  If you are interested in making a felt hat,
there is plenty of time between then and now to get yourself a hat
blank.  We got ours from:


They're $30-$35 here, if you find somewhere cheaper let me know!

Uh, if this does interest you, tell you what, join the madhatters list
at the link above and let's continue the discussion there.


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