[Sewing] I won an Awesome Grant!

meredith scheff satiredun at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 03:00:12 UTC 2010

Hiya sewing!
I won december's awesome grant, with the proposal to, for one whole month,
make a scarf every day. I'm going to be starting in january. Yay!
I'll be setting up a blog, but my twitter is @scarfaday.
Some things-
If anyone has any spare _usable_ fabric (meaning at least 2 square feet-
whole yards), I'd love to take it! I'll be mostly working with stuff that
doesn't need hemming (fleece, felt, etc) but anything super interesting I'd
love to have.
I need a sewing machine in my house, so I don't have to be at NB every day,
and beyond that, so I'm not monopolizing NB's machine. Also, different
So here's what I propose: I'm probably going to buy a machine anyways, but
I'd much rather A.) not spend money and B.) have it be noisebridge's,
afterwords, as we really need one. Would people feel ok with going in with
me buying one (I like this model), I'll keep it at my house until the end of
january and then it'd be permanently at Noisebridge. Or, conversly, keep it
at NB from the start but I'd have to have a kind of 'dibs', since I'd be
using it so much. No worries if this doesn't seem ok, it just means I'll do
fundraising later on, after the fact.
Other than that, spread the word! I'll be blogging as much as I can,
pictures, and there will be an art show and sale at the end :)

doing stuff and making things
"The function of all art ... is an extension of the function of the visual
brain, to acquire knowledge; ...artists are, in a sense, neurologists who
study the capacities of the visual brain with techniques that are unique to
them. ." -Semir Zeki
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