[Sewing] I won an Awesome Grant!

John Magolske listmail at b79.net
Wed Dec 15 04:22:01 UTC 2010

* meredith scheff <satiredun at gmail.com> [101214 19:39]:
> So here's what I propose: I'm probably going to buy a machine
> anyways, but I'd much rather A.) not spend money and B.) have it be
> noisebridge's, afterwords, as we really need one. Would people feel
> ok with going in with me buying one (I like this model), I'll keep it
> at my house until the end of january and then it'd be permanently at
> Noisebridge.

How about putting this up on kickstarter.com? They do take a 5% cut,
but it might be a way of gathering donations from a wider circle.
You'd have some scarves to offer to folks who donated above a certain
level (unless you're planning to do something else with them), but
I'm thinking there might be enough folks across the net who'd be
down for tossing a few buck towards having another sewing machine at
Noisebridge just for the sake of that happening.


John Magolske

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