[Sewing] Sewing Craftsy Questions

Ian Atha thatha at thatha.org
Sun Feb 28 00:24:18 UTC 2010

Hey craftsfolks,

For years now, I have been accumulating a collection of patches and
pins that I intend to proudly display on my backpack. However, I
change backpacks too often so I decided to go with a layer of

I plan to create a rectangular piece of cloth, the "interface", that I
will sew patches and attach pins onto. Any suggestions for a durable,
yet sewable, material?

Where can I procure snap fasteners from? Is there a better suggestion?
I intend to attach a few female snap fasteners on each backpack I use,
and just switch the "interface" from backpack to backpack.

This sounded way less nerdy in my head.

Thank you!


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