[Sewing] Serger broken again, same problem

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Tue Jan 12 01:55:11 UTC 2010

Serger fixed again.  Billy didn't have a good idea about why the same
part would have broken under the circumstances you describe.  He said
that the adjustment of a different part of the machine was off (a
different looper was too high), and the timing was off too.  He fixed
these things and maybe it will be OK now... He also adjusted the foot
pedal so it is a little more sensitive now and you can make it go slow a
bit more easily.

I paid him $70 and I'll cover it unless anyone else wants to kick in.  I
figured it was OK because of the rest of the inspection and adjustments
he did above replacing the broken part.


Kelly wrote:
> Definitely not. This was totally standard usage.  Two layers of normal
> weight fabric.  I could feel something catching a little bit when I
> moved the presser foot before it broke, but I couldn't figure out what
> it was.
> It really seems like that piece was slipping gradually and coming into
> contact with something it shouldn't, so it was just a matter of time
> before it would break again.
> -Kelly
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 5:36 PM, Rachel McConnell <rachel at xtreme.com> wrote:
>> I talked with billy, and he's coming to fix it again on Friday at 5.  He
>> said that probably it broke because too much fabric was fed into it, and
>> I said I didn't think you were doing any such thing but I would ask
>> about it.  When the looper broke, was the serged fabric in the feed dogs
>> at the time particularly bulky?  he said that seams in denim (6-8 layers
>> of denim) is too much.  I plan to get more detail on his ideas of the
>> machine's limitations on friday.  We didn't discuss payment at all yet.
>> Rachel
>> Rachel McConnell wrote:
>>> Ah crap.  OK I'll give Billy a call tomorrow, am making a reminder now.
>>> Rachel
>>> Kelly wrote:
>>>> So Crutcher and I did some serging this evening, and it was ended by the
>>>> same piece on the serger breaking again.  Crutcher seemed to have a more
>>>> subtle understanding of it, but the gist seems to be that some bit was
>>>> misaligned or the timing was off, such that another bit was putting
>>>> pressure on it at certain points in the cycle, and this bit keeps
>>>> therefore breaking.
>>>> I think we should call the guy that fixed it and see if we can get a
>>>> refund or a discounted sexond fix, because it's obviously still fucked.
>>>> -K
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