[Sewing] Anyone know where the FitPC got moved to, when the sewing equipment was re-arranged?

Michael C. Toren mct at toren.net
Wed Mar 3 10:58:31 UTC 2010


Has anyone seen the tiny FitPC, the small form-factor Linux appliance
box that we were using to control the holiday lights in the windows of

The last time I saw it, it was powered on, sitting on a table located
against the non-exterior wall near the sewing area.  An LCD monitor was
connected to it, along with a USB webcam.  The webcam itself was resting
on the 6' tall model of the Transamerica Pyramid building, which was
also located against the wall.

My guess is that it may have been moved when all of the sewing equipment
was re-arranged.  Was anyone around during that time who may know where
it ended up?  It belongs to Jonathan Foote, and it would be Most Excellent
if we could locate it and return it to him (and the USB webcam to me).



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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Holiday lights server whereabouts?

Stopping by the space today, I was displeased to notice that the
server that used to run the holiday lights has disappeared, along with
its power supply. (Its serial cable remains and is still attached at
one end to the switcher box.)

The server is a tiny Fit-PC, which was in the southwest corner on the
sewing table against the wall. (It is too small to be in anyone's way,
see picture: http://www.amazon.com/fit-PC-Slim-Diskless/dp/B001L4I9HK)
This was a temporary loan for the lights, and I need it back for
another project. If memory serves it has stickers with my name and its
IP number on it.

If anyone can clue me into its whereabouts I would appreciate it.
Hopefully it was just moved during sewing or flood reorganization.


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