[Sewing] serger broken again

Rachel Lyra Hospodar rachel at fernworks.net
Thu May 27 22:24:03 UTC 2010

hey y'all! (i just subscribed to the list, woohoo)
Rachel M's repair guy is from the same shop that i use, around the 
corner from my place, so i will go by there and chat with them.  i may 
not be able to set it up until next week (eek memorial day) but am happy 
to handle it.  I'll let you guys know when the deed has been done, and 
how much it costed in case anyone wants to help pay for it.  IIRC he's 
about $50/hour, every time i've had them come it's only been an hour.

As a note i found two halves of an aluminum eyelet/grommet inside of the 
machine when i was cleaning it out, and it was threaded all crazy-style, 
ie not following the diagrams.  Careful out there!  Happy to show anyone 
how to open the serger and rethread it if they need, also happy to get 
an email that says "eek, i messed up the threading and can't figure it 
out and it's 2am and i have to leave now, oops"


rachel at fernworks.net <-on mailing lists
rachel at mediumreality.com <-on my phone


Rachel McConnell wrote:
> Rachel Hospodar, cc'd, has volunteered to manage getting it looked at (I
> am unavailable until next week).  She's the highly reliable, competent,
> and generally awesome person who managed Jonathan Moore's & my fashion
> show at Maker Faire so we didn't totally fuck it up, and I'm completely
> confident she can get someone to make this machine Go again.
> Rachel if you can, please poke this list once there is something useful
> to say.
> thanks!
> Rachel M

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