[Sewing] Adjustable dress form/fundraiser?

meredith scheff satiredun at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 20:48:28 UTC 2010

We really need one, and there are a few other things I think could really
improve the sewing area:
wall mounted fold down ironing board
durable sewing machine that does things like buttonholes and zig-zag- maybe
two of these
magnet bowls for pins and things, more general items like scissors and
needles somehow linked to sewing area
dedicated large trash can for scraps
close-able drapes on the windows closest to the sewing space
better lights

..Im sure there's more ideas I could think up, and so could you!

I propose a fundraiser. I think we could make the sewing area, one of the
most used actual work spaces at NB, seriously fixed up for 500-1k$,
depending on how much we get on CL versus new. I offer, in my extra time as
being unemployed, to handle the actual getting of and implementation of
these things once the funds are raised.

What kind of fundraiser could we do for the sewing area? maybe a winter
craft sale- a percentage from each seller to the space? bake sale? Party?


doing stuff and making things
"The function of all art ... is an extension of the function of the visual
brain, to acquire knowledge; ...artists are, in a sense, neurologists who
study the capacities of the visual brain with techniques that are unique to
them. ." -Semir Zeki
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