[Sewing] straight stitch is busted

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Tue Oct 5 23:07:49 UTC 2010

I'll take a look tonight, see if I can figure out what's wrong.  If not
I'll give Billy a call tomorrow.

The flat-sided needles aren't supposed to be the right kind.  I compared
one to one of the proper sort recently by eye and concluded that they
were similar enough it would be worth trying the flat-sided ones in a
pinch, but the tolerances are small enough that eyeballing it isn't good
enough so I'm not actually confident they'd work.

Last time I used the machine was Wednesday; it had a needle in it that
hadn't been shoved all the way into the holder and was therefore hitting
the bobbin trace whenever a stitch was attempted.  It worked fine when I
reseated the needle (although the tip, of course, was broken).

I also adjusted the knee lever for the presser foot, which had come
loose.  It's pretty thoroughly stripped at one place and could use a
better repair.  I have an idea about this but haven't done it yet.

ALSO: We could use more needles!  If anyone wants to get any please see
https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Sewing, I have edited it with needle info.

Rachel M

rachel lyra hospodar wrote:
> the single needle industrial is currently nonfunctional.
> last time i came to use it, two+ weeks ago, there were no needles and i 
> had to use some of my own, conveniently they are the same.
> sometime in between then and now, Something Else happened.  it appears 
> to be a timing issue.  i cleared some cruft/thread clots out of the 
> works under the throat plate (you know, where the bobbin goes) and fixed 
> a weird problem with the knee lever (you know, for lifting the presser 
> foot) but when i got it all back together and tried to sew with it, the 
> stiches did not engage properly and made a big knot inside... and then 
> the backstitch thingy started making a sad high-pitched whining noise, 
> so I turned the whole thing off.
> the needle that's in there now is a round shank, the only kind i have 
> ever used with this type of machine, but there is a packet of needles in 
> the drawer with a flat-sided shank.  i don't know for sure but strongly 
> suspect they are not totally compatible with this machine.  i am putting 
> them in the general sewing needles drawer.  Rachel M, do you know if 
> these work with it?
> anyway, that's what's up.  i'm going to finish serging and go home and 
> use my functional sewing machine.  le sigh.
> xoxxx
> R.
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