[Sewing] Presser foot won't raise

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Apr 22 21:13:04 UTC 2011

For a while the knee pedal has been broken and unable to lift the 
presser foot on the straight stitch Juki.  Additionally, the lever on 
the rear of the machine head that lifts the foot and holds it up... 
doesn't work either.  Last Wed I fixed the knee pedal... but not well 
enough and it broke again, this time leaving a screw wedged very 
inaccessibly in the workings such that a much larger disassembly will be 
needed to get it out and do a proper repair.

I'm willing to do this but don't have the time until next Wednesday 
(assistance or at least company would be super helpful).  I feel 
confident I can fix the knee pedal then, but I may not be able to fix 
the hand lever.  Alternately we could pay Billy the repair guy to come 
and Just Fix It.

The machine is functional and sews, but you have to push your fabric 
under the foot from the front to get it under the needle, which is 
annoying.  And it's not really possible to do corner turns.


Rachel M

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