[Sewing] donate your old fancy fabric and fancy clothes

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Thu Mar 10 00:41:10 UTC 2011

hey y'all,

i have been giving lots of sewing lessons lately and have been giving
some thought to sprucing up the sewing area in various ways.

There are two big white rolling hampers full of donated fabric and
hacked-up garments that are fair game for anyone to use... like a fabric
hack shelf.  These bins have gotten kind of depleted and a little bit
too scraptastic... so i went through and thinned out pieces that were
too small or raggedy to conceivably make anything out of.  Now we need

Er, careful there tiger.  We don't want too much, too boring, too
mundane, too small.  BUT if you have enough of something cool to make a
project out of, bring it in and chuck it in those bins!  If they are
full, pull out something lame and throw it away to make room, or make
something out of it.

There is also a rack in the sewing corner with donation garments on it.
 If you have a SUPER AWESOME garment that you bought for a wedding ten
years ago and haven't worn since, consider donating it here.  Be way
careful here, though, tiger - there are staggering quantities of surplus
garments in the world, and Noisebridge could be buried, suffocate, and
die under them.  Only bring in stuff that someone will really want,
and/or be able to make something out of.  I'd be happy to opine on
something you are thinking of donating if you need an extra opinion on
if it's good or not.



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