[Sewing] sewing shop hackathon report

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Tue Mar 15 05:24:46 UTC 2011

hey y'all

saturday i focused on the sewing area and the unnamed area in between it
and the electronics area, a sort of dead zone.  Ted helped a ton!
Others helped too!  Other things happened as well, but here's what I was
a part of:

We hung up a chalkboard for all your too-old-school-for-white-board
discussion needs, and condensed some ancient heaps of stuff near the
electronics area.  Some things that were along that wall are now under
the workbench where Quagga is.  Please let me know if we didn't leave
enough room for something I'm not aware of that happens in that corner!
 We took down the janky christmas lights that haven't been turned on in
six months.  We set up the knitting machine and some printing supplies
in that work area, as well as setting up some general-use tables.  Yay
more work areas!

We moved the sewing machines a few feet east to leave enough room behind
them for sewing lessons with more than 2 people.  Whoo! The area gets a
lot of use and is often really crammed.  We did some other
organizational work to make it easier for more things to happen in that
corner.  Right now there are two different people working and looking
like they both have enough room, so i declare it a win!

We also cleared out a lot of dusty ancient stuff from that southwest
corner.  It is near the elevator now, maybe it is yours?  Kudos to the
possible-trash labeling station creator.

There was a half-finished curtaining project that we moved along a
little.  The curtains could still use some love but they do keep the
blazing afternoon sun out of one's face.  We also put more lights in
fluorescent fixtures in that corner, and now it's doubly easier to see
what you are doing.

There are some signs and posters, etc that include the URL for the
sewing wiki page and our email list.  This is part of an effort to
create cohesion in our little sewing subculture. (I hope everyone who
uses the area joins the email list and emails each other!)  I hope
everyone likes these changes, or at least is unaffected by them.  I
might have overstated in my previous email when I said that 40% of every
hackathon should be reorganizing/cleaning, but whoa howdy did it make a
difference in that corner.  May all your heaps of dusty unlabeled stuff
quake in fear.



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