[Sewing] Hackathon! this saturday - Prep the space for Maker Faire

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Tue May 10 18:38:19 UTC 2011

Getting ready for a huge influx of new faces and out-of-town visitors
because of Maker Faire!

We will be working on assembling all the shelves Miloh picked up
(because he rocks) and doing some of his suggested rearrangements of
Hack Stuff and the EE area.  I also want to spend some time on the space
in general because a TON of people are coming over!  Let's hide our
dirty laundry (metaphorically speaking) or hell, maybe CLEAN it?? and
put our best face forward for all of our new friends that will appear.
Maker Faire last year is what catalyzed my finally becoming involved in
Noisebridge... so I feel like I want to do something for our
anniversary.  Maybe you will join me?  If there's kombucha in the fridge
I'll buy you one :)

Second Saturday at Noisebridge - build space & community

Saturday May 14th
11am to 4pm (or likely far later)
2169 Mission St @ 18th / 3rd floor

Noisebridge Second Saturday Hackathon is a casual monthly event
dedicated to working on the space or relevant projects and building
community.  This is a great time to get feedback or help on any projects
you have been considering that center around the space, culture, and
infrastructure of Noisebridge.  You can also help with existing projects
and find out ways to get involved.

Noisebridge is a free public workshop/hackerspace that is designed and
built by its constituency.  Come work on your workshop!


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