[Sewing] OccupySF dance party in the face of imminent raid

rachel lyra hospodar rachelyra at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 01:05:31 UTC 2011

I won't dwell too long on the absurdity of the grounds the city is
using to try to contain, control, and ultimately quell this legal
gathering.  Tonight should be an exciting rally, though, and if you
are sympathetic but nervous please don't worry too much, it is more
likely you will get hit by a bus on your way there, than that you will
get arrested without being given a chance to disperse.

Of course, if you stay at home on your couch you are most likely to
die of a heart attack anyway.  You only live once, people.  The
constitution has never felt like a slimmer shield against hordes of
jackbooted thugs than right now.  Let's hope it is a sail to help us
make our way towards the future.

Jake the spaz made me a super radical light and battery for my camera.
 i plan to start streaming video around 10pm.
@rachelyra on twitter, same handle on ustream.  some general info on
the expected raid below.  They can take all the tents they want
without stopping this freight train but it breaks my heart to see what
happened today.  The city demanded a bunch of crap, people gave it to
them, dismantling really amazing vernacular architecture made using
tree branches, tensegrity, and tarps.  They aren't happy, and are
coming anyway.  We are responding with a dance party.

More info below.


a police raid is expected tonight on the camp at Justin Herman Plaza.
It has been reported widely, including by the SF Chronicle. According
to police, all off duty officers were called to work for this evening.
OccupySF expects it will happen around midnight, and is asking for
your support.

5pm: Press Conference
7pm: Civil Disobedience Training
11pm-12am: Raid Expected

Come down at any point tonight and show your solidarity for as long as
you can stay. Bring cameras, musical instruments, signs, and your
freestyle rapping skills.

Sign up for text alerts to know when the raid is imminent. To join,
text "occupysf" to 234.200.4031. (NOTE - DIFFERENT NUMBER THAN BEFORE)

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