[Sewing] Juki Overlock

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Mon Oct 3 21:26:18 UTC 2011

Chris, thanks for doing all this!  You are correct that the left-side 
threading isn't required for the 3-thread overlock configuration it's 
currently in.  I don't know without looking at it why it's not stitching 
though.  I'll try to come in and take a look tomorrow evening and see if 
I can get it running properly again (a couple other ppl have mentioned 
it's not working but I've been busy/lazy!)

If I can't, or if you need it sooner, there is a repair person listed on 
the wiki (I forget what page, but searching for Sewing will find it 
within a couple clicks) who will surely be able to fix it.  Last I heard 
he charged $80/hr so if you aren't in a hurry it may be worth it for me 
to give it a try first.

I don't know of any silicone lube lying around at NB, but I am sure it 
can be purchased at Apparel City, 1330 Howard at about 11th.  They close 
at like 5 so it's hard for me to get there in time.  I encourage anyone 
else on this list to stop by if it is convenient and pick some up.

Rachel M

On 10/3/11 1:01 PM, Chris Murphy wrote:
> Last week I used compressed air to cleaned the Juki, changed the oil,
> rethreaded it carefully because it had been misthreaded. It only has
> one needle installed and is threaded for the three thread overlock
> (not using the rear thread race). However, despite all of this, I
> couldn't get it to work properly. I admit that I don't know what I'm
> doing with this machine. It cuts the fabric and advances the fabric
> through the machine. The needle punches along the seam just fine. But
> no thread is being stitched. The thread imediately becomes unthreaded
> from the needle upon pressing the tredle.
> Does the left side of the Juki, beneath the presser foot, need to be
> threaded? The diagram in the manual is extremely vague. It doesn't
> specify what kinds of overlock stitch need that part of the machine.
> My asumption was that that part didn't need to be threaded for a one
> needle configuration.
> Also, the needle lubricant resevoir is empty and needs silicone lube,
> not sewing machine oil. Do we have any of that?
> Finally, how should one orient and lay out the three threads prior to
> overlocking? Do they sort of trail to the rear of the presser foot?
> Chris
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