[Sewing] suits? tailoring? trilaminate?

Eric Steinberg ergomatic at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 21:49:30 UTC 2012

Hi Noisebridge Sewologists,

Would anyone on this list be interested in a tailoring job, for which I
would be happy to pay a fair price in American Dollars?  So my Dad has
given me a couple of Joseph Abboud suits which are 1) very nice, 2) unworn,
and 3) very large on me.  I'm looking for someone who can basically
deconstruct then reconstruct them, so that they fit.  I am quite open to an
avant-garde reimagining of the suits, possibly incorporating hacker-type
materials...let's talk!

Also, tangentially: I'm looking for a person to help me craft a drysuit for
scuba diving.  I'm an experienced diver and would like to hack together a
drysuit myself, mainly because they are very expensive ($2000-$3000).  I
have some basic sewing skills, and the materials involved would be things
like stretch cordura bonded to a polyester or nylon or vulcanized outer
layer.  A drysuit also needs very robust waterproof zippers, and usually
includes latex seals at the neck and wrists.  If this interests you at all,
please call me at the number below!
Eric Steinberg
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