[Sewing] Making Notebooks on the Industrial Sowing Machine?

Mario Landau Holdsworth mariolh at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 04:24:19 UTC 2012

Hi NB Sewing,

I recently posted to the discuss list and Rachel suggested I try asking
this list as well.

Are there any Sewing folks who will be around Noisebridge in the next few
days and are willing to show me how to use the industrial sewing machine. I
have a few other people interested in this project from the discuss list.
Basically we'd like to use the industrial sewing machine to make our own
notebooks like this mini moleskine:


I'd love to learn about your experiences if you've bound books before.
Please let me know if there's a time when you're available to help me learn
basic safety on the industrial sewing machine.

Thanks in advance!

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