[Sewing] Making Notebooks on the Industrial Sowing Machine?

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The term industrial sewing machine is misleading. It does not mean that the machine can sew through any kind of material. It just means that it will be reliable day in and day out when used for fabric. The Juki 5550DL at NB will not even sew threw Velcro very easily, let alone leather or a stack of paper (which is basically a block of wood.). You would very likely harm the machine while attempting to use it this way. I have had to repair it myself a few times and I have a good sense of what it can handle and how it gets abused. 

What you need, I'm guessing, is the kind of machine that can sew through leather. I'm not referring to a standard 'walking foot' sewing machine. I'm referring to a machine you could find in a shoe repair setting. As far as I know, it is called a 'shoe repair machine'. It can sew through layers of thick rubber or leather. However, even this kind of machine may not be the appropriate tool for the job. 

Thanks to my experience at Noisebridge, this leads me to an observation...

Hacking is not to get away with the wrong tool for the job, it is to create the right tool for the job on your own. 


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On Dec 29, 2012, at 21:24, Mario Landau Holdsworth <mariolh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi NB Sewing,
> I recently posted to the discuss list and Rachel suggested I try asking this list as well. 
> Are there any Sewing folks who will be around Noisebridge in the next few days and are willing to show me how to use the industrial sewing machine. I have a few other people interested in this project from the discuss list. Basically we'd like to use the industrial sewing machine to make our own notebooks like this mini moleskine:
> http://flic.kr/p/dFuXEX
> I'd love to learn about your experiences if you've bound books before. Please let me know if there's a time when you're available to help me learn basic safety on the industrial sewing machine.
> Thanks in advance!
> Mario
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