[Sewing] straight stitch machine report

rachel lyra hospodar rachelyra at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 05:55:39 UTC 2012

hey all

Seems like the industrial single needle is getting a workout!  I went to
use it again last night and it is all cattywompas again.  I fixed a
bunch of minor problems (threaded wrong, needle in at wrong angle,
bobbin in wrong, dented up throat plate, left hand backstitch lever
jammed up into the machine case) but it seems to have a major problem,
maybe related to the dented up throat plate, definitely related to the
knife.  When it gets to the knife part it binds.

Anyone who is good at this stuff willing to check it out?  OR anyone
willing to throw down for a repair guy? let me know what you want to do!
i think it would be great to get this thing runnin again lickety split.

also we need another packet of throat plates. i am willing to go to the
place for parts but can't pay for anything. apparel city on howard is
the best place if someone else wants to go, or just pledge some cash.


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