[Sewing] fabrics and pillows

jim jim at well.com
Mon Mar 5 00:26:44 UTC 2012

    I've got a bunch of fabrics and pillows in the back 
of my truck (along with a not-too-old sheepskin). Fabrics 
are mainly sheets and bedcover stuff. Pillows include 
one that's a turtle, a few with designs, some plain.... 
    If anyone says "yes" to this, I'll bring them to the 
Noisebridge sewing bins. If a few people say "no", then 
I won't bring them (but I'm willing to bring them to your 
house if you want them and the NB sewing community doesn't. 
If nobody says anything, I don't know what I'll do. 
    But I'll surely get rid of them somehow by Tuesday 

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