[Sewing] Sign-up Sheet?

Green Molecule bluemolecule at gmail.com
Wed May 23 21:44:19 UTC 2012


The serger has not worked since January.  I understand that a part was
removed for replacement.

I have tried to use the machines a number of times and they are usually
broken.  Noisebridge has a number of very experienced sewers and designers
who know how to use the machines.  On the other hand, many of us have had
some sewing training and need some explanation on how the Juki and the
Serger work to bring us up to speed.  I found everyone very helpful with
this information.  There are others who have no clue and assume (even with
the best intentions) that all sewing machines are alike.

Perhaps there could be a sign up sheet for those using the sewing machines.
I know that Noisebridge is an open source environment.  Many open source
groups in the Bay Area for science, technology, or information sharing have
sign up sheets for equipment usage.  I know the manual for the Juki is
always available but I suspect most are reluctant to read it or would not
understand the information.

Without formal instruction, a signup sheet based on the honor system would
be helpful for keeping the machines in healthy working order.  I also
understand that a few people are purchasing needles and other more
expensive parts and others who use the machines are not.

I suggest a signup book for those who use the sewing machines.

Many thanks,

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