[Sewing] Noisebridge Reboot

A.R. Snyder dusttodustsupply at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 03:40:59 UTC 2014

There's talk of dismantling the former DJ booth that overlooks the Church.
Unless it's already happened, now would be the time to establish that as a
lockable area for the sewing equipment. The sewing area as it stands seems
to attract amateurs and/or vandalism, and the DJ booth has lately been home
to a small but dedicated occupation of one.

If any of you members of the Sewing Group have any clout at Noisebridge,
please make your voice heard there as soon as possible regarding your idea
of where the new sewing area should be, or whether it should stay where it

PS: The mover and shaker of the Great Reboot of 2014 is Naomi Most, who
seems to be behind dismantling the old Sound Booth, In case you know of
other decision makers, perhaps they are the ones to approach about the
issue if you want to preserve that area for the sewing equipment.

A. R. Snyder
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