[Space] Yuri's night booth schedule/tickets

Brian Choate brian.choate at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 00:30:42 UTC 2010

I think Christopher and I will have all the Gear from noiaebridge Covered
(see list from the meeting notes email). If there is anything not on the
list let's know and we can add it in.


On Apr 7, 2010 5:18 PM, "Christie Dudley" <longobord at gmail.com> wrote:

I can pick up stuff and people in the morning from Noisebridge to head down
with.  I can swing by tonight if it would help in organization, if that
would be useful.  I will be heading into the office when I'm done at Moffet
field, so I can't offer rides back, but I can deliver people to Caltrain so
they can return to the city.

Let me know what and who needs to be carted and I can take care of it.

As an aside, I noticed there was some discussion on the spreadsheet (us
geeks can use anything for chat if we set our minds to it) about what
teardown would consist of Saturday night vs. Sunday morning.  According to
everything I read, we could hand carry stuff out Saturday night - which
seems to be about everything we'd be bringing in except the helium tanks.
 (We plan lightweight, right?)

This raises the question as to what happens to the helium tanks while we're
running the event.  I don't think NASA would be OK with just having them
sitting around the booth, since safety requirements include that all tanks
be chained to a wall or other similarly stable structure.  It seems to me
the best plan to just fill the balloon and put the tank back in the vehicle
it came in.  If we need topping up Saturday morning, we could bring it back
in for that, I would think.  That way, nobody would have to make a trip all
the way down to Moffet just to pick up the tank on Sunday.

"We also briefly discussed having officers replaced by very small shell
scripts." -- Noisebridge meeting notes 2008-06-17

The outer bounds is only the beginning.

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 4:17 PM, Brian Choate <brian.choate at gmail.com> wrote:
> Christopher and ...
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