[Space] Tickets- please read

Meredith Scheff satiredun at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 17:55:40 UTC 2010

Hey everyone-
Las night, when it came time to pick up our passes/tickets, yuri's  
night folks dicked us around...a lot. We, as of now, have one ticket  
on top of the ones for me/Blake/chris. I'm in the car heading south  
now, and as soon as I get there I will start fighting yuri's night  
This is. Tough, tough situation, and it sucks that yuri's is being  
like this. Right now, assuming we can't get the other tickets, I'd  
like Nils and Bryan to talk to each other on who gets this ticket.
I know this sucks. I hope I have something else to report in a little  
while, but judging by their demeanor last night, I wouldn't count on it.
Drawing and making

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