[Space] ANSR launch #55

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 13 02:00:40 UTC 2010


Huge long report, there is lots to learn here.  Amoung other things I 
was amazed by is that they actually watched their balloon as it burst:

We tracked the balloon via radio back toward Phoenix but when the data 
was indicating it was at burst altitude we pulled over to watch.  You 
would not have noticed it unless you had the radio data telling you 
exactly where to look in the sky. It was a very clear day and we could 
easily see the balloon at 90,000+ feet being it had expanded to 
something like 50 feet across at that altitude. And we actually watched 
it burst which was so cool because it just disappeared in an instant.

They also describe a pretty ingenious payload-weight vs. balloon-lift 
inflating system, a system for tying together many (student!) payloads, 
and stuff about antenna's that I do not understand.


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