[Space] Meeting notes for 2010.04.13

Christopher Lincoln cclinco at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 21:00:11 UTC 2010

Next Launch Date!
 - Saturday, May 1th

Tasks/Items for next Launch
 - payload bus (Christopher)
 - mylar bag for the camera (Christopher/Albert)
 - active heating element (Brian/Albert)
 - A700 vertical (Blake)
 - IS1100 SD horizontal (Blake)
 - G1 for tracking (Nils)
 - G1 expanded accelerometer data (Nils)
 - CDMA tracking phone (Christopher)
 - package tracker (Christie)
 - radio (?)
 - Need to order more balloons (?)

Maker Faire
We have decided to attempt to get an adjacent booth to noisebridge for the
spacebridge exhibit.
 - Christopher is to contact some people there to get this set up.

We also looked into ways to easily and safely move the helium tanks.  One
way was to get a trailer.  They are not expensive, but we lack a place to
put it.  The other way was a hitch mounted box that would allow us to secure
them.  This is easier to store, but will have to be custom made.

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