[Space] Launch planned for September 4th or 5th

Ariel Waldman ariel at arielwaldman.com
Thu Aug 19 19:08:08 UTC 2010

Per usual my travel plans are getting in the way. I think I get back to SF
at 10am on the 5th :/

The 6th is also Labor Day, so another possibility. Would love to swing by
and see the current status of everything when I have more time!

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> New launch planned for the weekend of September 4 (exact day will be chosen
> during the meeting)
> This launch will include the following new items
>  - radio hardware
>  - GPS unit
>  - radio tracker
>  - addition sensors (Temperature, Pressure, and Accelerometer)
>  - downward facing camera with IR filter and fish-eye lens
> The horizontal camera will also be flown, but not the upwards facing
> camera.
>  We will also be including the old GPS/open tracker/radio unit as a back
> up.
> If there are any other items or test that people want included in this
> launch, please speak up now so that they can be accommodated.
> Christopher
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