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Subject: HSIS UPDATES - It's almost time!

Hello everyone!

The final date to complete your launches is quickly approaching, August
31st. We hope all of you have had as much fun with the competition as we
have here at Hacker Spaces in Space headquarters. I'd like to start off by
congratulating team TechShop RDU, not only on a successful launch
and retrieval, but on getting some local news coverage in the
process!  Links below:

Local tv coverage: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/8184658/
Local newspaper coverage - before:
Local newspaper coverage - after:

As always I'd like to answer some questions that may or may not be looming
in your minds.  We've come to some more clarifications on the rules we'd
like to share with the teams. I'm sorry this is a bit 11th hour, but
Workshop 88 has been a flutter with a big move, and the HSIS team have all
been extremely busy with our own personal business.  I hope this will help
most of you.

*Regarding equipment costs:*

We will not be counting any equipment beyond the payload and balloon itself.
 Only count the cost of equipment that leaves the ground ON the payload.
 Any "base station" equipment, such has HAM radio equipment or computers
used for tracking will not count against you.

In regards to service fees, we're going to include that under the "base
station" category, so no need to include those costs in the balloon/payload

You do not need to include the entire sum of the helium you purchased, only
the helium it took to fill the balloon.  Please include your cost
calculations when your judge submits the results.

We've decided that small items like wire, tape etc, as long as it's not a
specialized item that would add some kind of advantage at an extra cost, you
do not have to include them. EX: Duct tape should not be included, but if
you were to purchase some kind of special thermal tape to adhere in the
extreme temperatures, you should include the cost of the material used on
the payload.

You may put a reward on the side of the box, but if it's utilized during
your retrieval, you will receive zero points for the retrieval time. Because
of the hit you would take from losing those points, we will not require you
to include the cost of the reward. I know that feels strict, but we're
trying to level the playing field for all teams regardless of resources,
human, monetary, or otherwise.

On hard to price items, we'll take the best estimate of your resident
expert, and confirmed by your judge as reasonable.

*Regarding your results:*
Your results must be submitted by your judge no later than September 7th.

They must include at least one photo, (three or less please) and make it
your best, it's going to be a huge part of breaking ties for the

They must include your detailed cost report, please submit it in spreadsheet
form. (.xls, .ods, ect...)

They must include the weight of your payload, as confirmed by your judge,
remember anything over 4lbs (0.45 Kilos) disqualifies you.

They must include your launch and retrieval time, and any telemetry you are
able supply from time of launch to retrieval also in the form of a
spreadsheet, (please include a graph if possible). Retrieval time is counted
as the point of "naked eye" visual contact with your payload. Although you
still must be able to retrieve the payload physically to qualify.

The submitted launch does not have to be the first launch, we understand
that sometimes payloads just cannot be retrieved, the launch you submit must
fall within the rules of the competition.

Thank you all for your participation in this competition,
Kevin E Roof
HSIS - Teams Coordinator
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