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Yes, for the last several flights, they all had the same payload, although
if I remember correctly Brian had recreated one of the cables.  We did add
flight lights and a radar reflector dish to the payload bus for the night
flight, but that's not payload.

The Radio is still the PX-777 although the next flight we will start testing
a replacement that Brian is putting together, and he will have to fill us in
on it's details when it's done.

I don't have the data on me so I can't give you exact numbers, but if I
remember correctly it was around 93k feet

here is the link to the Gamma pictures

Blake took some really nice shots of the set up and release that are really
cool, I'll forward that link along once I find it.


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> Great, thank you. Only a few more questions...
> What kind of radio are you using now? Is it still the Puxing PX-777?
> What was the peak altitude for the Epsilon flight?
> Did Gamma, Delta and Epsilon all have the same payload? i.e. Garmin GPS,
> OpenTracker+, radio, G1, Canon A700 with fisheye and Canon SD1100 IS?
> As payment for your answers, I'll update the wiki :)
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