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Andrew Gerrand andrewdg at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 07:51:17 UTC 2010

An update from the Android team:

Just did a test-drive with GPS running. We collected about 4200 GPS
co-ordinates and a significantly larger number of
accelerometer/temperature/magnetic readings. The unit seemed to
perform perfectly, as far as I can tell.

Please see attached for a KML file (readable in Google Earth). As you
can see, we stopped at In-N-Out Burger on the way home. ;)

It does appear that the GPS remains stuck-on after the application
exits, but this is of little concern to us. I think it would be best
if we plan to cold-boot the phone and start the applet as close to
launch as possible. This would minimise the likelihood of the GPS unit
going 'stale' (as rumoured) in a stationary position. Although this
would require us to put the G1 somewhere easily accessible in the

FWIW about 1.2 hours of collected data works out to 11MB, so there's
plenty of space on the card. (in fact, if you want to swap the 1gig
back into the G1 and use the 8gig for a camera, please do)

Great news on the cameras! Here's hoping for more good luck with APRS. =)

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