[Space] Notes on the launch

Andrew Gerrand andrewdg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 05:07:52 UTC 2010

Some figures:

Launch was at 4.14pm.
G1 GPS malfunctioned at 18286 metres.
G1 GPS recovered at 15101 metres.
G1 reported a minimum temperature of -11 degrees Celsius.
First landing SMS received at 1700 metres.

Miscellaneous ideas and thoughts:

Fin to stabilise spin.
Much longer tether (slow the rate of oscillation).
Tie everything down.
 - piece of cardboard with velcro for all components
 - use a block of foam and only carve out spaces you need
Shock absorber (piece of elastic) between payload and parachute.
Tracker should be logging its GPS data
Android app should auto-start after phone power loss

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