[Space] Debriefing Notes

Andrew Gerrand andrewdg at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 04:09:25 UTC 2010

What was done well:
- SMS messages
- Data logger
- Balloon fill (the fitting was the key)
- Retrieval
- Good launch site

What went wrong:
- Overfilled balloon
- Didn't measure the pull
- If we'd had three points of connection, 2-3 metres long, to the
payload we would have had less or no swing
- Android GPS bugs
- Stressing the balloon through the angle of the fill (not having a hose)
- APRS LI batteries got too cold
- APRS system too immature - didn't play with it enough
- Water condensation caused problems

What we need to do:
- Figure out how to calculate how much helium to put in a balloon to
take it to height X
- Maybe get a better balloon? We need more lift

There was more but it got a bit rambly and I tuned out for parts =)

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