[Space] Foam

Michael O m at dgmo.org
Wed Feb 10 04:19:02 UTC 2010

Notes on foam:

*) Probably want XPS (eXtruded PolyStyrene). This is a water proof,
dimensionally stable, grain free foam. It tolerates very low temperatures
well, and doesn't burn easily.
It cuts easily and cleanly with a sharp knife. It doesn't crumble or shed.

Brand names are 'Dow Hi-Load 60' or 'Corning Foamular 600'. Foamular 250
should work just fine (the difference in the number is the compression

It appears that places like Lowes carry it, and it costs ~ $15 for a 2 foot
by 8 foot by 2 inch block.
(which is probably enough for about 70 million flights).
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