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This is exciting! I just added it to Spacehack and used one of the photos
from the Spacebridge alpha launch (gave credit to the photographer with
Spacebridge in parenthesis):


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> http://www.heatsynclabs.org/california-eclipses-the-sky-the-space-race-begins-now/
> I just have to excerpt the whole thing, because it's so awesome:
> <<
> California Eclipses the Sky; The Space Race Begins Now!
> My fellow desert creatures, for a few gripping minutes, a new moon rose
> over the skies of the People's Republic of  California to do what all
> things Californian do and look down on everything else. A near-space
> weather balloon devised at the clandestine* Noisebridge hackerspace
> reached the edge of space, bringing back pics because it did happen.
> This may seem like a playful act of sportsmanship, launched in
> preparation for Workshop 88's Annual Space Blimp Contest and for teh
> lulz, but be warned!  This show of one-up-ness is but the first of a new
> arsenal of Californian space power, no doubt a scheme from the office of
> Premier Schwarzenegger himself to accelerate the neo-colonization of our
> beloved Grand Canyon State.  Will the next spacecraft stay confined to
> Californian skies?  Or will it ascend to the Final Frontier only to
> descend south and east, bringing with it unknown terrors?  Will our
> children, pets, or stray javelinas and jackrabbits who tear up our
> prickly gardens be safe from this invasion from above?  I dare not ask
> that question--but I will dare;  I will dare our own hackerspace,
> newborn babe it may be, to pull together its resources and Sonoran
> ingenuity to build its own craft to add a copper star to their western
> skyline.
> We must unite, for all our shared culture is at stake;  The polygamy of
> Mojave county, ghosts of Jerome, power crystals of Sedona, trailer parks
> of East Mesa, valium-vodka cocktails of Scottsdale,
> hot-dogs-with-bacon-around-them of Tucson, and yes, the light roasted
> coffee of Tempe, all face the specter of San Francisco's dominion.
> Ready your will, your skills, and visit our Nearspace Balloon wiki page
> to see how you can contribute in our effort to boldly go where no
> Arizona hackerspace has gone before!
>  >>
> Apparently 9 other hackerspaces have already taken up the challenge.
> Spacebridge has made a huge splash!
> http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/02/hackerspaces_in_space_annual_space.html
> http://www.workshop88.com/space/
> Eric
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