[Space] Spacebridge launch planning meeting, Sunday 1/10, 5pm

Mikolaj Habryn dichro at rcpt.to
Wed Jan 6 22:24:29 UTC 2010

Hi-ho - after much enthusiasm at the inaugural Spacebridge meeting
late last year, it's time for the next step. This Sunday will be the
first planning meeting for the first Spacebridge (balloon) launch,
ambitiously (if vaguely) scheduled for early February. If you have
general interest or specific ideas on payload to send up to the edge
of space, be there at 5pm.

Tentative agenda snapshot from wave:

* Location, location, location
  * North Marin, >30nm from SFO?
  * FAA/ATC checkin
* Balloon
  * We have two - one has been unrolled, poked at, played with (and
will be again), and shouldn't be trusted. The other one is still
safely packed and should stay that way until inflation.
* Payload
  * 4lb x 3 limit to avoid FAA/ATC oversight
  * G1 with custom app
    * usb/serial interface to arduino?
  * buoyancy control
    * arduino-controlled solenoid valve
    * passive mechanism (Miloh?)
  * payload return
    * unpowered UAV - need to check with FAA
    * parachute
      * chase teams
  * communications
    * APRS?
    * rely on a 3g squeal in minutes before impact?
    * no requirement for external control if staying clear of FAR
101.1(4) - right? http://www.eoss.org/pubs/far_annotated.htm
  * (add other payload ideas here)

(search in wave for tag:spacebridge to find the agenda - if that
doesn't work, try searching for group:spacebridge at googlegroups.com)


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