[Space] Last Launch

Christopher Lincoln cclinco at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 08:14:40 UTC 2010

Sorry about not writing anything up about the last launch, I got so focused
on this upcoming weekend's night launch that I completely forgot to even
upload what pictures we got.

This last launch was about testing 2 things, First the upward facing camera.
 We were not expecting good images from it, but rather testing what we were
able to get, and retrieving the exit data of the images so we can
adjust accordingly for our next launch.  These pictures all turned out to be
nothing more then blue sky (save for a few) and not very interesting to look
at, but I'll make them available as soon as I can.  We also had the standard
horizontal camera, and I have started the upload of those images to my
flickr account, hopefully they will be done by morning.

The second thing we were doing is testing a new launch procedure.  There are
a few really good shots that Blake took of what we did (they will get
uploaded to my flickr account also).  Basically, we set everything up, with
a tether though a ring so we could get the balloon up out of the way of
trees, then we let go of one side of the tether and let it get pulled though
the ring.  This also allowed us to confirm our net lift before
we committed to launching.  And yes, these ideas were mainly stolen from
Project Bacchus and ended up working extremely well.

As a side note, we did get some really good accelerometer data that
will hopefully come in handy down the road.

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