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Blake Barrett Blake at BlakeBarrett.net
Wed Jun 9 08:52:41 UTC 2010

I wrote up a very quick summary of the flight here:
posted the images of the launch and both flight cameras here:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/schjlatah/sets/72157624104984989/ Like
Christopher said, the interesting bits about the upward facing camera is in
the ExIF data (Shutter speed, Aperture and dynamic ISO).


On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 1:14 AM, Christopher Lincoln <cclinco at gmail.com>wrote:

> Sorry about not writing anything up about the last launch, I got so focused
> on this upcoming weekend's night launch that I completely forgot to even
> upload what pictures we got.
> This last launch was about testing 2 things, First the upward facing
> camera.  We were not expecting good images from it, but rather testing what
> we were able to get, and retrieving the exit data of the images so we can
> adjust accordingly for our next launch.  These pictures all turned out to be
> nothing more then blue sky (save for a few) and not very interesting to look
> at, but I'll make them available as soon as I can.  We also had the standard
> horizontal camera, and I have started the upload of those images to my
> flickr account, hopefully they will be done by morning.
> The second thing we were doing is testing a new launch procedure.  There
> are a few really good shots that Blake took of what we did (they will get
> uploaded to my flickr account also).  Basically, we set everything up, with
> a tether though a ring so we could get the balloon up out of the way of
> trees, then we let go of one side of the tether and let it get pulled though
> the ring.  This also allowed us to confirm our net lift before
> we committed to launching.  And yes, these ideas were mainly stolen from
> Project Bacchus and ended up working extremely well.
> As a side note, we did get some really good accelerometer data that
> will hopefully come in handy down the road.
> Christopher
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