[Space] Rocket launch at Black Rock this weekend

Erik Ebert eebert at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 19:38:40 UTC 2010

This might conflict with your night balloon launch, but if anybody is
interested in coming out and watching (or participating in) our club's
next launch, it's coming up this weekend (June 18-20) out at Black
Rock:   www.aeropac.org

If you've never been out to Black Rock before, please read the Black
Rock section of the website.  We supply porta-potties, everything else
is up to you. Sunscreen and lots of water are musts.  It's the same
general area as Burning Man, but a couple of miles further along the
playa.  GPS coordinates are on the website.

No 27k for me this time, but I will be sending my workhorse ARLISS
(www.arliss.org) payload rocket up to 11k or so.  I know it's not
100k, but if anybody has a payload they want to send up, the space is
available.  The payload compartment is 6" diameter by 10" long, and
will be enclosed within the rocket for the up part of the flight.
You supply the parachute and tracking.   Once I dump you out at 11k,
you are on your own.

If nobody has a payload they want to send up, I will revert to the
traditional payload of Guinness.

The next launch after that is August 6-8.  Rumor has it there may be a
couple of rockoon groups showing up to that one.

Hope to see some of you this weekend!

  -- Erik

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