[Space] Rocket launch at Black Rock this weekend

Shannon Lee shannon at scatter.com
Tue Jun 15 22:36:23 UTC 2010

Compressed gas needs to be in a cylinder that won't burst from the
compression, which makes it heavy, yeah?  From a pounds-per-dollar-per-foot
perspective, you'd be better off launching a balloon from a balloon :)


On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 2:59 PM, Christie Dudley <longobord at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hm.  People have been talking about a traditional "rockoon" where you
> launch a rocket from a balloon, but I've been thinking a lot about launching
> balloons from rockets.
> What I'm thinking would be that at 11K' you'd be able to start with a
> balloon that has a negative buoyancy at sea level, wouldn't you?  Since your
> envelope would be much smaller (not having to expand up to 11K), you
> theoretically would be able to go much, much higher, as the growth is
> non-linear.
> What you'd need to be able to launch, though, is all the gas you need
> compressed, with a mechanism to release the gas into the envelope (quickly!)
> and release the canister when it's been emptied.
> So am I totally off my nut?
> Christie
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> On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 12:38 PM, Erik Ebert <eebert at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This might conflict with your night balloon launch, but if anybody is
>> interested in coming out and watching (or participating in) our club's
>> next launch, it's coming up this weekend (June 18-20) out at Black
>> Rock:   www.aeropac.org
>> If you've never been out to Black Rock before, please read the Black
>> Rock section of the website.  We supply porta-potties, everything else
>> is up to you. Sunscreen and lots of water are musts.  It's the same
>> general area as Burning Man, but a couple of miles further along the
>> playa.  GPS coordinates are on the website.
>> No 27k for me this time, but I will be sending my workhorse ARLISS
>> (www.arliss.org) payload rocket up to 11k or so.  I know it's not
>> 100k, but if anybody has a payload they want to send up, the space is
>> available.  The payload compartment is 6" diameter by 10" long, and
>> will be enclosed within the rocket for the up part of the flight.
>> You supply the parachute and tracking.   Once I dump you out at 11k,
>> you are on your own.
>> If nobody has a payload they want to send up, I will revert to the
>> traditional payload of Guinness.
>> The next launch after that is August 6-8.  Rumor has it there may be a
>> couple of rockoon groups showing up to that one.
>> Hope to see some of you this weekend!
>>  -- Erik
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