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Blake Barrett Blake at BlakeBarrett.net
Mon Mar 8 18:08:01 UTC 2010

I'm interested in helping however I can.
I'd gladly man a display booth if nobody else wants to.
Also, if we do get to pull off a launch; even if it is a small one, we
should definitely send a camera along -- how often do you get the
opportunity to take pictures from any altitude over a NASA base?! :-)


On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 9:29 AM, Mikolaj Habryn <dichro at rcpt.to> wrote:

> Long day on Sunday. Density observations worth noting:
> XPS: 0.48 grams per cubic inch.
> EPS: 0.27 grams per cubic inch.
> We're looking at about an 18"x6"x6" EPS payload at the moment.
> More importantly, we spent a while talking about Yuri's Night and what
> we could do for it. Ideas proposed, in increasing order of interest:
> Display booth: run up some poster-size prints from the launch, have
> the various electronic and physical parts lying around on a table,
> talk to people about balloons.
> Postcard launch: particularly for education day, invite kids to fill
> in postcards addressed back to Noisebridge, attach them to party
> balloons and release. Do something visual with delivery information
> when they're returned.
> Balloon installation: tether a full-size weather balloon overhead,
> either in a hangar or in the open. Attach giant Noisebridge sign,
> cameras, display running video feeds.
> Display launch: release a balloon with basic radio gear, set up a
> real-time tracking dashboard for punters to admire after the launch,
> don't expect to recover it. Makes sense if there's an event schedule
> that we can fit into, and we can make a interesting presentation out
> of the fill and launch.
> Real launch: release a balloon, but do something useful with it. In
> this case, since we're launching in controlled airspace, we could do
> the UAV test - launch the balloon with UAV attached, release the UAV
> while still within Moffet-controlled airspace, bring it back to land
> at the event. There'll probably be exotic airshow things going on
> already, so clearing a half-hour window might be feasible for
> something like this.
> Did I miss anything? The basic question is how much room does the
> event have for us, both physically and in their schedule. I'd love to
> do the UAV launch, but that may require too much co-ordination with
> too many people - I'm not sure I'm interested enough to just do a
> display booth, but it's an option. Anything from the postcard launch
> on up is worthwhile on its own merits, I think.
> m.
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