[Space] radio connectors

nils at shkoo.com nils at shkoo.com
Wed Mar 17 18:40:06 UTC 2010

Here are the cables I'm including in a transparent bag labelled 
"spacebrige" on my shelf (west-facing side, 2nd rack from window, knee 
hight, middle of the row, labelled "nils"):

White -> green -> black: white end plugs into nexus one. black end plugs 
into px777 speaker jack. allows listening to APRS.

black -> red: break out cable for G1 audio output.  Connect this to mic in 
on px777 (with a capacitor in series) to transmit.

If you want to do any permanent modifications to the iphone or G1 cables, 
I'd prefer you cut up new cables instead of modifying these.  G1 cables 
are readily available at NB.


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