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nils at shkoo.com nils at shkoo.com
Wed Mar 17 22:38:46 UTC 2010

I also left my roof-mount 2m/70cm dual band antenna.  It works a lot 
better than the duck antenna.  Please move it to somewhwere other than my 
shelf at your earliest convenience; the antenna is currently slightly bent 
to fit on my shelf and I don't want the bend to become permanent.

The bottom is strongly magnetic, so keep it away from your floppy disks.
:)  Also, don't put parts of your fingers between it and a metal service. 
Whole fingers should be fine, but parts of fingers are likely to get 
pinched.  The cable can go through door jams; usually the door jams have 
enough rubber padding so that it doesn't squish the cable.

Hopefully that will be enough to facilitate an end-to-end test of 
following the baloon. You will want to put the antenna on something else 
metal to test with if you're not using a car since it doesn't contain a 
significant ground plane of its own.

I'll be back in town Thu Mar 25th but will be on email and can provide 
technical support if necessary.


On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 nils at shkoo.com wrote:

> Here are the cables I'm including in a transparent bag labelled
> "spacebrige" on my shelf (west-facing side, 2nd rack from window, knee
> hight, middle of the row, labelled "nils"):
> White -> green -> black: white end plugs into nexus one. black end plugs
> into px777 speaker jack. allows listening to APRS.
> black -> red: break out cable for G1 audio output.  Connect this to mic in
> on px777 (with a capacitor in series) to transmit.
> If you want to do any permanent modifications to the iphone or G1 cables,
> I'd prefer you cut up new cables instead of modifying these.  G1 cables
> are readily available at NB.
> -nils
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