[Space] Spacedroid launch (SpaceBridgeBeta) this Saturday!

Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 19:58:07 UTC 2010

Oooh, I have some nice sarongs.  But I already have a nice pair of pants
picked out.

1. I'm coming and I'm retrieving Blake so he can come (and stay to the end)

2. I will show up just as soon as I can manage to get out of bed and run
fetch Blake from his place across town.  It is my intention that this will
be well before 10AM, but you know how intentions go.

3. I am bringing my van, which should be hauling helium.  I will have enough
room to take 1? 2? more than are already committed. (Mikolaj, want to ride
with me again?)  I would like to see fewer, larger vehicles running.  I
thought before it'd be better to have lots of chase vehicles to surround the
thing, but it seems to me that it'd be more efficient and fun to have us all
load up in fewer vehicles.  The biggest expense from the last launch was

4. I think I'm loading up a lot of the stuff from Noisebridge in the van,
including the helium.  I am also bringing tape. And maybe a stapler to
staple tape (seriously) so we're not reliant on adhesives.

"We also briefly discussed having officers replaced by very small shell
scripts." -- Noisebridge meeting notes 2008-06-17

The outer bounds is only the beginning.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 11:56 AM, Mikolaj Habryn <dichro at rcpt.to> wrote:

> 1. I'm coming.
> 2. 10am sounds tractable - leaves us some time to faff around but still get
> out there and setting up by midday.
> 4. I'm bringing pants. And everybody else should too (exception granted for
> kilts/skirts/sarongs for those so inclined).
> m.
> On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 7:54 PM, Ariel Waldman <ariel at arielwaldman.com>wrote:
>> Starting a thread for everyone to coordinate:
>> 1. who's coming
>> 2. when are we meeting up at Noisebridge to drive out (sounding like it
>> might be 10am on the 27th, someone needs to confirm)
>> 3. how many seats/cars available to drive up to the launch location
>> 4. who's bringing what
>> For me:
>> 1. I'm coming
>> 4. I'm bringing bright pink streamers
>> Miscellaneous question: what did everyone do for food last time? :)
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