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Ariel Waldman ariel at arielwaldman.com
Thu Mar 25 05:52:11 UTC 2010

Ooo... definitely take Jon up on the opportunity! Choosing the speaker from
our group should depend on if we think they want more of a "how-to"
technical/hardware talk or a "fuck yeah, space exploration!" general
overview talk. I guess we can discuss this more on Saturdy when we meet up

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Now, who would like some practical experience presenting stuff to an


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From: Jonathan Foote <jtfoote at ieee.org>
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Subject: Shhh.... Dorkbot invitation
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Hey, could you forward this to the Spacebridge list? Thanks!

Anyway, Karen Marcelo asked me to help put together a Dorkbot on April 21.
There are 2 other scarily awesome speakers. Would the Spacebridge folks like
to present as well? Location is someplace in SF (will confirm venue when
it's confirmed!)

All you would need to do is show some pictures and talk about it for 20
minutes. If you wanted to dig into the tech, Android and radio stuff that
would be awesome too.

Keep this a little on the down low, because nothing is ever for sure around


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