[Space] plan for launch tomorrow

nils at shkoo.com nils at shkoo.com
Fri Mar 26 20:47:58 UTC 2010

So what's the plan for the launch tomorrow?

I saw a mention of 10am.  Are we meeting at NB at 10am?

How many people are going? What vehicle(s) are we taking?  Should I drive? 
(I'd rather not park in SF all day, so would want to BART if I'm not 

I have the following equipment that I plan to bring:

* Beefy inverter to supply 110VAC power, power strip

* RF APRS receiving rig, external antenna

* 2m/70cm HAM voice communications

* laptop w/ 3G card, external antenna

(I can't run RF APRS receive and voice communications at the same time 
without an additional radio and antenna splitter or additional antenna. I 
don't know how well antenna splitters work, but I could pick one up and 
try it.)


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