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Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 21:56:33 UTC 2010

I can run two channels on my radio, but with it hooked up to the laptop,
that's a bit of a challenge.

I have the van set up to seat 4+ strap down 1 helium tank.  Blake is helping
with driving (so I can mess with APRS) but I'll have room for 2 more.  I'd
strongly suggest you guys be in a different vehicle so we have a little
radio diversity.  I know Chris is borrowing a car so he can take more.  I
have an external antenna for my (not very well tested) APRS receiving rig

I don't know who else is going.  Albert is presumably meeting us out there
since he'll be coming from south bay.  There are some other folks who have
mentioned they might meet us out there too.  It's my understanding that
we'll meet at the 76 station near where we launched from last time, out near

"We also briefly discussed having officers replaced by very small shell
scripts." -- Noisebridge meeting notes 2008-06-17

The outer bounds is only the beginning.

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:47 PM, <nils at shkoo.com> wrote:

> So what's the plan for the launch tomorrow?
> I saw a mention of 10am.  Are we meeting at NB at 10am?
> How many people are going? What vehicle(s) are we taking?  Should I drive?
> (I'd rather not park in SF all day, so would want to BART if I'm not
> driving)
> I have the following equipment that I plan to bring:
> * Beefy inverter to supply 110VAC power, power strip
> * RF APRS receiving rig, external antenna
> * 2m/70cm HAM voice communications
> * laptop w/ 3G card, external antenna
> (I can't run RF APRS receive and voice communications at the same time
> without an additional radio and antenna splitter or additional antenna. I
> don't know how well antenna splitters work, but I could pick one up and
> try it.)
> -nils
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