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Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 16:24:33 UTC 2010

In reading over the requirements for Yuri's Night, I'm reminded of some of
the weirdness of NASA.  For example, they require you use UL Listed power
strips, and they're quite serious about this.  IIRC you have to get
extension cords approved, so they have situations where they string power
strips together to get power where they need it.  I don't think we'd have
that problem ourselves, though, but it probably would be a good idea to let
them know we'd be needing it.  Never mind the weird mass of wiring inside
your stuff, they need to have certain things done right.  (I have heard they
have insisted that people wear safety glasses for operating a screwdriver.)

It probably would be in our best interest to bring our own safety gear.  I
have a couple of hardhats, several pairs of gloves and a handful of safety
glasses.  If anyone else has any laying about, it'd be a good idea to bring
it.  I think there was enough tension with the artists doing whatever crazy
stuff they wanted last time it was out there that what what we're doing is
unlikely to be noticed, but it might.

"We also briefly discussed having officers replaced by very small shell
scripts." -- Noisebridge meeting notes 2008-06-17

The outer bounds is only the beginning.
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