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Ariel Waldman ariel at arielwaldman.com
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I've definitely been confused about the meetings (hence you haven't seen me
since the beta "launch"). 2 meetings a week *seems* to not be a great idea
and it'll just create more duplicate effort to communicate to everyone. Can
we go back to one meeting a week and then the main builders for upcoming
launches can coordinate amongst themselves?

FYI on being next to Noisebridge's booth - on the main Noisebridge mailing
list recently, they said Spacebridge was going to be left on its own to find
its own booth since we hadn't coordinated with the main Noisebridge booth.
Someone should confirm/deny this.

I've never been to Maker Faire before (gasp!), so I really hope I can make
it out this year!

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By all means, if people want to get together Sunday, please do.  But last I
heard Nils, Blake, Brian and I will not be able to make it.

As for Makers Faire, we have received confirmation that we have a booth, and
have sent in our Participation Agreement, but have not received our email
finalizing the details of our participation.  But all other emails that I
have sent regarding ether the lofting a balloon (which was outlined in our
application), or the placement of our booth, have either not been responded
to, or have been forwarded to the person who has not been responding to me
-_- I'll send one more email today, but if anybody has contacts who might be
a bit more attentive and wants to give it a shot, please do.  Ultimately
what we want is the ability to loft a balloon (and the safety details
involved) and if possible have our booth placed adjacent to Noisebridge's
booth (so we can use some of their space to widen our tether (and I
understand the are kind of cool folks too)) I have so far been talking to

As for what we are doing for Makers Faire.  So far the plan is surprisingly
similar to what we did for Yuri's night.  Changes to that plan will rely on
balloon details.  I am also planning on making a stand for the payload bus'
to help display them.


On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 8:25 AM, Christie Dudley <longobord at gmail.com> wrote:

> More explicitly, there are 3 pieces of information that I want:
> - Has anyone been in contact with the folks at Maker Faire beyond the
> initial application?
> - What is the exact name on the application?  Whose name was used to fill
> it out?
> - What is the url for the exhibit they sent back when the application was
> completed?
> Last year I brought Orb Swarm and they really really loved it.  If you
> watch the video on the main site, you'll get many view of my back, as we
> were right in front of the cameras.  I seriously can just call up the
> I worked with to make that happen to make cool things happen for
> Spacebridge, but only if I get the information I need.
> Thanks,
> Christie
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> On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 7:31 AM, Christie Dudley <longobord at gmail.com
>> If we do not meet this Sunday, we have one Sunday before Maker Faire in
>> order to discuss what we're going to do and get it done.  I personally
>> no obligations other than a phone call, which can be done early in the
>> for Mother's day, so would really prefer to meet so we can prepare.
>> Having head up a delegation to Maker Faire before, I know all the people
>> we'd need to talk to and how to get stuff done.  Since it sounds like
>> there's nothing that's happening with that yet, I'd like to head up the
>> delegation for this event and get the ball rolling this Sunday, at least
>> planning-wise.  I know the people we need to to figure out if we can put
>> a balloon and will do that this week so long as I'm not stepping on
>> toes to do it.  (It looks *really bad* if we have multiple people who are
>> talking with them who aren't talking with each other.)
>> I understand how things can get busy.  I've been there.  I'd like to step
>> up to the plate and help out, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes.
>> Has there been anything figured out for Maker Faire yet?  It's great that
>> we have a booth, but there's a lot of legwork.  I'd like to get in
>> with them right away so I can know something by Sunday. Could you forward
>> any details that you have?
>> Christie
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>> ""Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster;
>> and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you." - Friedrich
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>> On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Christopher Lincoln <cclinco at gmail.com
>>> The space bridge meeting for Sunday May 9 is cancelled due to Mothers
>>> day.
>>> In other news
>>> We have confirmation for our booth at Makers fair and we really need to
>>> figure out what we want to do at it.
>>> Also, our launch last weekend failed due to high wind.  I want to give a
>>> full account of what happened because it's hilarious, but I've been to
>>> bogged down lately. So hopefully soon I can fill everybody in.
>>> Christopher
>>> P.S.
>>> Apparently there has been some confusion regarding meetings.  Sunday is
>>> still the main meeting, if you can only make 1 meeting, Sunday is the
one to
>>> make.  The Tuesday meeting was added to help facilitate communication
>>> payload projects, and deal with some administrative stuff.
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