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Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Fri May 7 03:13:28 UTC 2010

First, I'm wondering how many people will be available for a meeting Monday
at 6PM.  I'd like to meet, discuss stuff for an hour or two, then we can all
go out to dinner like we used to.  If you can, and want to make it, please
respond.  If there aren't more than one or two people who can, it won't be
worth our while to get together and do this.

The things I see we need to talk about:

Maker Faire:
 - What is going?  Do we have a complete list?
I have the checklist for the regular flight thing that I'll be sticking up
on the wiki, since I don't believe it made it there yet. I think we should
have everything on that list at least for display.
    - I'd like to try to get Chris' camera working so we can run that.  Not
only is it a bit more elegant of a technical solution, I believe it has much
better resolution, so we should be able to get nicer images.  Pretty
pictures good!
    - I'd also like to open this up for discussion on New Things.  If you
have an idea you'd like to try out for Maker Faire, now would be the time to
bring it up!

- Who is going?  Although this is probably something that should best be
handled over the list, once I have an exact count of tickets available, I'll
be able to put together a sign up sheet to put on the wiki.  I want people
to have more than 24 hrs this time to sign up.  There will be shifts and
we'll have a maximum number per shift, so we get good, even coverage with
everyone knowing when they'll be needed.  How long the shifts will need to
be and how many people need to work at a time will be predicated on how many
tickets we get.

If we don't get enough tickets we should be talking to Mitch about getting
more people in.  He has a virtually unlimited supply of tickets, but will
require you to work the soldering area for a bit in exchange.  We all know
how to solder, right?  If people are getting Mitch's tickets and helping him
out, you will be encouraged, not required, to sign up for shifts.  You'll be
appreciated by all the folks who get the tickets and have to make the

- Logistics: What do we need to do in order to be ready for the event?  We
don't need to have answers to these by this Sunday, but it's good to talk
about, and if we do, we're ahead of the curve.
   - How are we on helium and balloons?
   - Do we need any more rope/wire/etc?
   - How are we getting stuff down there and back?

In addition to talking about Maker Faire, I'd really like to be looking
forward to our next launch.  We probably shouldn't set a date until after
the event, but I'd still like to start discussions on new things we could be
doing.  The last launch attempt only included a new body, no new systems or
tests.  I'd really like to get the ideas flowing again, as they seem to have
died down.

The biggest new thing I'd like to talk about is a power bus.  I'll have the
list of *stuff* we have up on the wiki so we can address each item
individually, including battery requirements.  I'd like to have a uniform,
redundant, stable, reliable power source (think in terms of a PC power
supply) so we can stop fussing with batteries and charging and all
the sundry things we need to worry about prior to each launch.

It's been a while since I've heard any other new ideas for the launch.
 Granted, not having a successful launch in a while means we haven't had a
chance to test the last batch of ideas.  I still don't think this means we
should stop coming up with them though.

So come to the meeting and bring your ideas.  It'll be fun!


""Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster;
and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you." - Friedrich
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