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Erik Ebert eebert at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 05:43:00 UTC 2010

Sorry I haven't been able to make it to another balloon launch since
the one I attended way back, but here's what I'll be doing this coming
week, 9/12 -9/19:


Launch is open to the public if anyone is interested in coming out to
watch or participate.   Usual warnings about the harsh desert
environment at Black Rock.

Monday - Thursday will be our annual ARLISS launch, where aerospace
students from Japan and the US provide the payloads and we provide the
ride.   Monday-Thursday is also research motor flying (basically
people who mix their own motors), Friday-Sunday is commercial motors.

If you can't make it in person, barring technical difficulties we are
supposed to have live video feed all week on the Aeropac website.

  -- Erik

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Just in time for the 12th annual ARLISS (arliss.org) launch (with over
40 M flights of student robotic satellites) and the AeroPac 100k' XPRS
launch (www.aeropac.org), the AeroPac Virtual Classroom will be on the
air.    Come see the altitude attempts at XPRS with our 100k' waiver!

A three year AeroPac project - the Virtual Classroom is a mobile
ground station that provides 1.2m satellite (or 3/4G cellular where
available) Internet backhaul - supporting WiFi Internet, VoIP,
streaming video, HAM and GMRS voice and digital data (WiFi, 2m/70cm
APRS and 900 MHz FHSS) telemetry and tracking.   Supported by the work
and donations of the AeroPac team, from Professor Lynn Cominsky's team
at Sonoma State University and by grants from the California Space
Authority and a kind van donation from ABC-TV in LA.   Inspired by the
original idea of Professor Bob Twiggs - the inventor of the CanSat and

We will be streaming live video of both Black Rock launches (and a
Twitter feed) from 9/13-9/19 at www.aeropac.org.   And on occasion
will provide live GPS tracking of selected flights.

Come join us!    This will be a feature at future AeroPac launches
(and other launches possibly as well) bringing the playa to the

Email me for me details about the capability ..

Ken Biba
Chairman, AeroPac Inc.
TRA 4965, L3 TAP
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